Hello Yellow!

Hi there

This is the first post – I guess I have to explain the yellow corner.Yellow for those who know me and know Latitude 34 has become a signature colour.

How did it start? I have no idea really when yellow became my colour but it took on a whole different scale with this picture The Yellow trip - a self portraitand the fact that I always wear a yellow jacket too which features in a lot of my self portraits too.

Yellow Arizona Self Portrait

These two photographs are from my project called latitude 34 they are candid impromptu photos taken while I drove  though latitude 34 , I had those shoes in the trunk, I saw the yellow line for hours in front of me. At some point in the desert of mojave I saw this vsion, I stopped and took the photograph. For the second one I drove through  gorges Arizona from Cottonwood to Flasgtaff, the trees were yellow. I had that vision too and didnt stop. It bugged me, I turned back 40 miles to get the shot and continued back on my way.

Yellow is a happy colour for me and I seek to brighten the day even when I am blue or something is wrong. That is not to say that I deny, refuse or dismiss hardships, they make me grow, I just like to shine a light through them. As you know some of the most beautiful landscape shot can be those with a grey sky lit by a ray of sunshine, or a rainbow. But that will be a whole other post!

Why the corner? it is a space where I can put post-its, write stuff on the wall, pin notes, hang my art work, hang my ideas like i would hang my clothes, retreat to think, have a long chair to read,  meditate and daydream, a skylight to look at the sky a secret door to escape. It coudl only be yellow.

One thought on “Hello Yellow!

  1. Looking forward to where this leads and hearing your creative thoughts! Congratulations on your intriguing inaugural narrative!


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