M for Moon, M for Melancholia

Those who know me, know I am a Moonie.

I love the moon for its ever changing face and unpredictability. It is here day time night time, not at all, round, 3/4 full, half or a thinly sliced crescent.

Sure, I love yellow and the sun is the yellow one, and I do seek to be under sunny skie, the very reason driving me away from London. But the moon harbours a certain poetry  and melancholia that I am drawn to.

Part of me is this super positive yellow, playful optimist child like self, but the other is a more subtle melancholic, dreamer self where sometimes a certain sadness looms. Not in a bad way at all, we need shadows to see the light, in fact the light is shaped by shadows.

It has likely tio do too with my Austrian side, and how a lot of my early inspirations were the works of the late 1800 early 1900 in the Austrian empire, from Klimt, to Egon Shiele, to Kaspard Friedrich. There is something moving about the stillness of watching the moon rise, watching the waves of the ocean endlessly come crashing to the shore, a meditation, a silence. In this silence the mind rests and inspiration, emotions, ideas sneak in. We suddenly feel human. It is perhaps a place I can call home, after being on the road for so long, a place whee time is suspended for a little while.

Here are some of my favourite moons.

Harvest Moon Mono Lake 2013

The moon, the swallow and the lampost - Marrakech

Moon: Chile- Morocco - Atlanta - Augusta - Morocco - Venice CA.




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