The universe is made of stories

I love meeting people and I show it – often it gets me in a funny situations, I have had many occasions where a person of the opposite gender has mistaken my curiosity for having fallen head over heels for him. Fair enough, it has proven true a couple of times later down the line, I find a very quirky character and a unusual path in life very attractive. Joke aside, I like to treat everyone with great interest interest ( unless their behaviour has me switch off from the very beginning ) , for everyone has a story to tell, a  worthy history no matter where in their jourey they are at, where they come from and where they’re going.

Jack Kerouac wrote ” the road is the life” we could flip this one to say the Life is a Road. I most definitely like the windy uphill downhill one as opposed to the straight highway, even if at times it feels good to switch on cruise control.

Near Amzmiz

Life takes us on journeys, many of them, many intersections. We always have a choice and it takes everyone to make a world. Some choose to follow blindly the herd and it may work for them, we all know some. But even within those there can be stories to be found. They can of course be tragedies of lost opportunities and living in the shadow of ones potential, but they can serve the purpose of showing us what we dont want to be. Am I extremly lucky to meet an exceptional portion of the population in the world? Maybe but I doubt it, I think there are way more incredibly amazing characters than meets the eye. One of the more tragic situation is to not listen to your gutt instinct, to your ideas, ideals and passions. They are the ones that write the most intruiguing stories. Our mind is very good at tricking us, creating limitations and telling us scenarios and ”  stories ” not to be written instead of those we want to write! It seems that we are programmed to pick up on fear and negativity way easier than positives. Paralysis ensues. Yet it is by no means immutable. We  have the ability to deprogram and reprogram our minds in what we find out to be limiting, counterproductive, destructive. Willpower and the very important friends and colleagues we allow in, choose to surround ourselves with.

There is something I find interesting between the intangible, the dream, the abstract, the cognitive and its link with our very earthy, grounded, mortal coil on earth. The magic of a aha moment, an idea spwing out of our brain cells, what does it lok like inside? and how it has this chain reaction within ourselves, up to a few days months years down the line become something very tangible. I noticed too I do  bring everything into a proprioceptive realm, after all even thoughts have an incidence on our bodies, our cells our hormones.

I had the honour to be invited to give a talk in TEDX Casablanca to talk about Latitude 34, a project that started with an idea on a whim. The theme was “fly me to the moon”, a perfect one for a moonie like myself!

TEDXCasa Fly me to the moon: Malika Sqalli

I ended my TEDx talk  with a reflection on this quote  from Muriel Rykeyser: “The universe  is made of stories not of Atoms”. I did’nt agree with this statement at 100%. I believe that  the universe  is made of Atoms, ideas and stories. If we dont feel them, live them, act on our ideas in a physical way, they do not  materialise in a tangible fashion, they do not become stories. For ideas are stories waiting to be written, white pages waiting to be filled that can become a 3 tom volume, a novel of a few pages or a few lines.

The path may hold a few surprises. Personnally, when I stand at a junction on the road, I do try to takem, as Robert Frost wrote: the road not taken. It’s easy to spot – usually it is paved with yellow bricks!

This is my new year message for all: listen to your ideas, your passions and dare to write stories,  any story, hit the road ! it will take you places literally and metaphorically! Take time to waste time, for it is in those moments that ideas arise.

Seriously ideas matter!

And if the sky darkens, becomes menacing you can always light it up with a yellow balloon!

Lightening up the sky Malika Sqalli 2013


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