On optimism, or how to lighten up the sky.


Like enthusiasm this terms and qualities are not often talked about and represented, be it in the art scene, philosophy , in general. It can be dressed with a childish coat, deluded with pearls of illusion. It can also be a heavy burden like in american society where you have to put on a (cheezy) smile no matter what circumstances and are not allowed say no I am actually having a bad day, let me deal with it. Similarly the English have also that “stiff upper lip” unless they are moaning about the weather of course. It is a very subtle line between ignoring the fact that we have dark moments and dealing with them by shedding some light beams through the darkness, and calling black colour a white with a smile.

This little series is lighthearted, playful one with, where I am always looking into a narrative and a relationship between man /us and the environment and circumstances we live in. The idea came about a few years ago when I was sun deprived in London.

Lightening up the sky Malika Sqalli 2013LondonLos Angeles yellow sunLos Angeles I need to take measuresDowntown LA Keeping the sun dry LondonLondon – Keeping the sun dryDrying the sun Rabat MoroccoIt rained so much I hug the sun to dry. Rabat Morocco 

Santa MonicaIMG_9930 copy.02

South Africa



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