Les voyages déshabillent.

We can loose ourselves, run away from ourselves in travels and we can find ourselves. We can also slowly but surely let go of the many layers we have have been clothed with, or clothed ourselves with, willingly, consciously or not.

Traveling consciously sharpens our Xray eyes set  upon the world but most importantly on ourselves, or so it feels to me. Bar the fact as as a trainer I was trained to have an Xray view of the person in front of me. Xray sunlight - Mono Lake USA

We are like onions, layers upon layers of ingrained, given, taught,  acquired, gathered cultural, emotional, physical, opaque, sheer,  brain and heart veils that restrict our views and channel our behaviours .

Travelling conscioulsy , critical thinking help you shed those layers.As we shed we gather along the way too…..the trick is to constantly be aware of what we pick up along the journey of life, and some we may like to keep as part of our identity. Will I ever get totally nude in the face of the world and self?



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