Air line – where yellow shoes and a yellow line can lead you.

It all started with a vision, an impulse photo, and it became a lead, a playful pretext for story telling.

So the yellow line became a spiritual line. It is also a purely abstract element, like paint on a canvas. The yellow shoes became a metaphore of self, and the walk we all take in and on life.

From walking on the side line, falling off the line and making ones own line, I had it all. Or so I thought.

IMG_9820-2 copy

IMG_9871 copy

falling off the line

On the new year, 2014 I had written 2014 will be a flying one.

I didnt at the time realise how far it will take me. The line was single, double, entangled, flying, falling, twisted, blurred, and I certainly flew. So much so that I am on to get my full licence in skydive and shoot from the air.

IMG_0129 copy IMG_0246 IMG_0302 copy IMG_0621 copy.02 IMG_0476 Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 19.05.18 Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 19.07.16



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