The sky, the other ocean, within.

The sky within @malikasqalli

The skin, a shell a sheet, a geography and landscape to discover as much through the touch and running of fingers than through proprioception, and the perception and interaction with the elements, movement physical activities.

Emotions and feelings, are non tangible yet oh so palpable we can pick up on them, even from the outside of their realm of involvement. We can travel to countries where we don’t speak the language and yet able to communicate on a emotional level.

We can sens a feeling and a vibe in a space, in someone, absorb it even.

What is the difference between Emotion and Feeling?

They both serve us in a unique way, and are not one and the same as most of us think.
“Emotions are an abstract, metaphysical state of mind; they are essential impressions of the world, and your relationship with it. These emotions are connected to your biological systems, and are designed to alert you of danger, or to draw you to something pleasurable.
Emotions serve as a sort of  “Feelings Factory”. Feelings are products of emotions. But unlike short term, intense emotions, feelings are: low-key, stable and sustained over time.”
Interesting paradox that of interior and exterior with the skin paradox, the skin being this prous boundary, this matrix, this sheet that percieves the outside and sends us vibrating from the inside, through the touch, the feeling of hot and cold, rough and smooth, the sound of something.
We harbour inside a whole universe, wrapped in a skin, trapped in our carnal being, which allows us to feel, experiment, interact with the outside through the inner.
It is just like a sky, teh same sky we skydive in, where feelings are the winds, clouds, storms, sunrises and sunsets, sending us thumbling and smiling. Of course some landings can sometimes be harsher than others.
Traveling and experiencing life and nature to the full helps us remove all the layers of clothing and culture, hang ups, filters, limited beliefes we may have gathered growing up, and roam more freely in both worlds to maximise our potential.
The sky is after all this other ocean: choose your boat,  your scuba or your wing!




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