One tree hill – One thousand ways .

You know what they say – there are those kinds of people with addictive personalities and are prepared to do a lot for their fix. I developed an infatuation for a tree, yes this tree. I drove back to the area to spend a few more days taking photographs of this tree ( admittedly I had other reasons too to drive back 250 km to Taurangua).

I would smile, get a little rush of endorphins as soon as I reach it, even more so if it surprised me with the new robe the landscape enveloped itself with. The little things in life.

It is a strange tree – growing a little side ways – nearly reaching the top – perfectly formed

turner sky Blue skiesThe tree and Moon flare in between  Yellow flower Curtain  Aureole Fog and a triangle Morning mist Morning mist 2 cows The cow




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