It’s all about the moods. Indeed I often feel compelled to shoot certain photographs that are more about moods and feelings than of a subject or pictural. It’s a call – I just have to do it. At times I dont even know what I am doing or why I am doing it – it often reveals itself later- if at all. Shoot the shot first – think later on these particular occasions. It doesn’t always work that way – some shots have to be crafted long and well in advance, others have to be carefully framed and thought. Those gut feeling ones not really as they also often happen on the spur of the moment with the setting I happen to wander in, and the props at hand.
Like here in a foggy Te Paki dune – I had set out very early to catch sunrise and do a totally different set of photos – but during the 100 km drive to get to location, the fig became thicker and wasn’t lifting – it was freezing too. I wasn’t going to come back empty handed.I  let whatever emotions I was going through at that time of my life come out.


The woods spoke of a fairytale  –  I had to play –  Yellow. How else could it be?  even through dark moods  and woods – light optimism – the leitmotiv.

yellow wood - the scream  04







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