Lining up

How does an artist mind work? Get an idea – a feeling –  a vision for it – go do it. Sometimes it takes a little time – sometimes it’s instant, sometimes it’s instant and ends up taking up a little more time than anticipated. It is often the way I work with personal projects. They often start with a gut feeling,something abstract, or far removed from each other for which I find a binding catalyst to create something new.

A few years back I traced a line around the globe – this line turned yellow.  It became a metaphor of life’s journey – one of outward discovery and introspection.

I often noticed back then that I had a lot of negative space in my pictures – the sky took up most of it. I decided to take my line up in the sky – make it dance and make it fly. It worked nicely – the desert which I set it into turned out to be green – I was Alice in Wonderland.

But then I felt this wasn’t the real deal. This wasn’t real enough ( is photography real? let’s not even go there). I had to properly make it fly – and for that I had to learn to fly. I picked up the phone and called Skydive Beni Mellal to learn to skydive within a few days and tarted shortly after that. I thought it wouldn’t take long ! It took a litle longer to become proficient. This was probably the most challenging endeavour I have ever challenged myself at, for being out of comfort zone is my comfort zone- this really threw me off ( literally ), I wasn’t a natural. I started to see all the possibilities that await me there for the images I had in mind – which since have morphed into more complex endeavour.

I walk the line said Johnny Cash, but no matter the road is the life wrote Kerouak
As for Klimt, he said Art is a line around your thoughts.
I walked the line – I drove the road – I traced the line and now I had to take it up in the sky for I often read that the sky is the limit.

Last week end after doing the video for a friend’s tandem – I realised it was perhaps about time to get started on my shots that originally took me to the sky. I did get a little sidetracked – giving myself excuses –  need to get better at this n that 0- need to get one other licence ( i have 5 already by now !)  – shying away from biting the bullet. Part of me worried whether my ideas were doable at all – and I still wonder for some but that is also the exciting part. We go off course, fall out of  line. I am a fervent advocate of serendipity, off road  and going with the flow – but at times one has to step back on the initial path. More often than not there is actually no path – but a vision.
We have to carve it – the same way history and time carves its way on our skin – the same way our mind carves thoughts and speaks words, stamps them in the air – which is why I believe we should always mind the vocabulary and the words we use for they are invisible lines of connections too making their own invisible pathways.

Last week end I finally took my line up the plane and tried to play with the road markings on the ground – the last image was taken roughly at 2000m high going between 200 and 250 km an hour in freefall.

IMG_0459 copy

flying line
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