We often speak of the dichotomy between mind and body and the many cliché and less cliché paradigmes. From the healthy mind healthy body  – the body doesn’t lie – a wild mind stuck in a body – it’s all in the mind, to the taboos imposed on the body ( mostly the female one) and the mind thinking about the body, the list goes on with the often  very conflictual and complex relationship between the two . One thing is sure – it all goes through the mind and the body – there is no way out about it.

We also know that one can influence the other, reciprocally – a thought has a physiological impact on the body’s biochemistry and cellular exchange and vice versa – hormonal disruption – gut flora imbalance for example can influence moods and the mind.

I stumbled across old texts I wrote in my much younger days – many speak of that struggle inside coming to terms with that vessel that is our body and how to deal with that conflictual relationship with it- I learned to tame  it over  the years and take full advantage of its assets .

It seems we are forever rotational beings – where the same topics and reflections arise – only a level up – with a few stripped layers  .



“Brain in a cage

Corps Set 

In your way 

No way


Thoughts flying wild

Words and Feathers 

Plucked “


feathers copy





Puppet without  strings

None visible

A clean plate

A start

Memories I cant remember

Written in my head

I don’t seem to forget

Ghost of lives

hidden shadows

Idols or Puppet

Idol or Muppet


Invisible strings


Echos in a cave

Lines I cant decipher

Feelings I cant embrace

Scars I cant Trace

Bubbles and ideas

Filled with Void

Void of Fill

Is this how we start?

Puppet without  strings

None visible

None Palpable

None Tangible


Its all in the head.


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