Calgary through it’s parks and lungs

One place – one tree can have many identities and be viewed, sensed, experienced and captured in many different ways. There is always a way to have a new angle, a different light, for one and the same place . When we visit a city we often think architecture, history, museums. I thought what about exploring it … More Calgary through it’s parks and lungs



  They say that our memories are the architecture of our identities. Some foundations are laid out without our control. We can decide to reshape, redesign, re- model as we grow older. Memories are this interesting expansive place where faded and vivid images, emotions, sensations can be revived, relived, they come rushing sometimes unannounced, at times welcomed, at others less. They … More Identities

Seasons Greetings

2014 has been eventful to say the least. After having photographed the sky and the clouds for a few years now, I have taken the leap to walk the path to an idea I had brewing for a few years: taking fine art photography to the sky, and do so without apparatus but skydiving. There … More Seasons Greetings