On optimism, or how to lighten up the sky.

Optimism. Like enthusiasm this terms and qualities are not often talked about and represented, be it in the art scene, philosophy , in general. It can be dressed with a childish coat, deluded with pearls of illusion. It can also be a heavy burden like in american society where you have to put on a … More On optimism, or how to lighten up the sky.


My other half

I have been very aware lately of my Moroccan heritage, I investigated regularly and thoroughly. I am only half Moroccan. My father is and I was born and raised there until my 13th birthday, but my mother is Austrian and I spent those 13 years a lot closer to her than to my dad. As a … More My other half

Me myself and I

Me myself and I, this sounds like the opening of a big rant at the me society. However it isn’t. Seriously. Recently I started questioning why for specific topics and ideas close to my heart I have great issues delegating, having someone pose for me. Since an early age, I woudl always put myself in front … More Me myself and I