Home is the comfort zone

home is where i keep books copy


‘Part of me always felt like an outsider. There is no place where I feel safe, at home. But that also means I can go anywhere. I am already outside the comfort zone.’ Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

I can relate to this statement of being outside the comfort zone being my comfort zone.

My longing of home is intrinsically linked with that and with habits, the routine  that comes with rooting in one place that I fail to have on the go.

There are so many trites and untested proverbs: Home is where the heart is – you can feel at be home anywhere if you are at peace with yourself etc…

It is as Sidi Larbi quote – a matter of finding a modus vivendi with the unrootness and rootlessness – to make it work.  Logistics took up a big chunk of my brain’s real estate. This can encroach on other thinking, productive or resting space. While constant movement does allow for deep social weaving, which also a important component of a “homey “feeling

Home is about habitus = habits – the people  – and that takes time to build – to weave.

It is not granted or due.

It is created  – earned – worked – built – with patience and diligence.

When I grow up
Home is where I take the time
Home is the place to come back to
Home is where I go back to
Home is where one starts
Home is where I start from

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