M for Moon, M for Melancholia

Those who know me, know I am a Moonie. I love the moon for its ever changing face and unpredictability. It is here day time night time, not at all, round, 3/4 full, half or a thinly sliced crescent. Sure, I love yellow and the sun is the yellow one, and I do seek to … More M for Moon, M for Melancholia


Me myself and I

Me myself and I, this sounds like the opening of a big rant at the me society. However it isn’t. Seriously. Recently I started questioning why for specific topics and ideas close to my heart I have great issues delegating, having someone pose for me. Since an early age, I woudl always put myself in front … More Me myself and I

Here is elsewhere

Here is elsewhere – Ici c’est ailleurs Are we ever in the present – are we ever in the now? I once was told a very beautiful line: yesterday is history,  tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift.That is why it is called a the present. When I go places I find myself very hungry … More Here is elsewhere

Hello Yellow!

Hi there This is the first post – I guess I have to explain the yellow corner.Yellow for those who know me and know Latitude 34 has become a signature colour. How did it start? I have no idea really when yellow became my colour but it took on a whole different scale with this picture and … More Hello Yellow!