360 going round a full circle

Next week i will be doing a talk at Tedx Casablanca. Tedx events were created in the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading” and is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level.

I will be a 6 min talk, which is 360 seconds. A whole circumference of time, for a project about my journey on the circumference of the Earth. I am also 36 years old. It will be the 12/12, a Thursday. I was born on a thursday 12 too, but of a different month and different year obviously. I think that’s it with numbers for now.

360 is a circle, and traveling often brings us back to ourselves, to square one, which sometimes can be a full circle.There are many ways to travel of course. Many roads, and all roads are not made equal. I like to take the “road not  taken” as beautifully said by Robert Frost

13 - Chile


NZ - Northland





We can run away in our  travels, run away from ourselves and our everyday routine, providing you don’t enjoy it. Some of us just go to switch off. So go but they don’t actually go anywhere, asides from a different weather. I am thinking here of these awful resorts that are plaguing the surface of the earth with private beaches where those who go there barely see anything outside the resort that serves them even the same food as at home. Sometimes they may take a passive tour on a bus…the key word here is passive. It’s the equivalent to fast food for travel. The growth factor of those travel may only lay in the recharge of energy, if there is.

We can also travel and get lost or travel and find ourselves. The journey can follow a straight line, a windy one, a rough one, an uphill one. We can even feel we are going around in circle, a circle where everything brings us back to ourselves, shall we put the right goggles on. We do see the world through filters of our own making,  filters of our upbringing and conditioning, our experience, our knowledge, our character. I always wanted to see the world through the eyes of the others, I often wondered how it worked in other peoples mind and made a great deal of exercise to get out of my own shoes. It is perhaps what led me to always be so curious about life, look to learn new languages, but also put myself in many different shoes before deciding which ones seems the most logical or ring more “truer”.  It is also what got me in trouble at home for always challenging the ways I felt were not optimum,  inadequate, unfair or incomprehensible for me at the time through my child’s eyes, especially in an environment and culture where change was difficult, and adults had nothing to learn from children

If I try to convince myself of ” stories,” kid myself, if I don’t listen to intuition it bugs me, I know something isn’t quite right. I am aware of the ways this ” bugging” can manifest itself, many do not realise that  repressed   feelings, unspoken words, unfinished business, Un acted upon ideas would have those manifest via twitches, addictions, and other. I have learnt to spot those subconscious twitches, moods in others, this other underlying subconscious non verbal language. It comes from years in trying to catch myself from destroying myself, and years of feeling misunderstood,  I really wanted to never put someone in that position by my own attitude.

The world is our mirror we say, maybe we filter things and events to see what matters to us, reflects us at a time being, some may argue that there something higher orchestrating events  when we are ready to see them. This is an area of speculation I am not inclined to get in. Regardless most travels are also an inward travel.

While we live on this planet it will always be some sort of circle, no matter how straight we are going! After all “No matter,  the road is the life  ” says Jack Kerouac.

To travel efficiently we got to travel light in my opinion. A small suitcase, no need to carry the heavy rusty one of the past. What about the souvenirs I hear you say? Depends what souvenirs you are speaking about — the memories, stories, the experience and knowledge, the new pair of eyes those don’t weigh.  They’re only going to fill up the  brain’s cabinets.

My suitcase I will confess is a little big at the moment for I am living in it

home is where i brush my teeth IHome is where i put my books


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