Me myself and I

Me myself and I, this sounds like the opening of a big rant at the me society. However it isn’t. Seriously.

Recently I started questioning why for specific topics and ideas close to my heart I have great issues delegating, having someone pose for me. Since an early age, I woudl always put myself in front  of the camera to illustrate an idea, a feeling. Those projects have usually concept is very closely related to me,press my buttons in one way or another, intensely. They are often done without too much thinking. It is a call.

Similarly today we see a lot of ” self portraits” all over social media.The iphone proved to be very handy, and  am loving it for the instant candidness it allows. I started way before I had a mobile phone or even had a computer – like these 2 series:

veils peep

Why do I feel the need to be always implicated, and I feel I am failing myself if ask someone to pose for me. I feel I am deceiving, I feel wrong, missing authenticity, somehow removed. It is very likely because the relationship body has always had a strong presence in my life and work. And my life and work have no separation either. My body, this home for the thoughts ideas I come up with, this vehicle which I try to sculpt and shape like an artist does with art – or at least thats my view of athleticism and working out – is also a tool. I use myself in the same way as a painter uses colour on the canvas.

And oh,incidently, I can only blame myself and i always turn up!

Self_mosaic.01 Self portrait in Mosaic: On fashion culture and identity.

01When it is too hot – I put my rainy cloud Tshirt on and find shelter.

Yellow Arizona Self PortraitYellow in Arizona – Latitude 34.

Stand outInstagram : Stand out of the crowd, break the barcode


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