I had a dream

On a plane to Morocco, I was seated next to someone who described my series as “the most beautiful job in the world because artists dream something, imagine something and then create it visually which makes the rest of us dream and wonder as well”.

I never thought of it like that but I guess it is a little how some of my photos come about. They speak often of a dialogue and a narrative with the environment I happen to be in. Ideas come often as a solution to a problem, they come from a line of enquiry, and sometimes just a concatenation of data in the brain. They certainly become an impulse which if it is listened to acknowledged and acted upon is brought to life.

 For example the flagship picture of Latitude  34 :

I was driving for hours with these lines ahead of me, I was wearing a yellow jacket, the trees were yellow, it was fall, I had those shoes in the trunk. A vision: the yellow trip. I stop the car, put the shoes on the road, snap and off I go.

The Yellow trip - a self portrait

For those two, I drove back 50 km ( so thats 100 km there and back on my way) to get back to the canyon of yellow trees. All the time I was driving it bugged me, nagged me that I should have made the picture. I turned back , drove and took a few pictures including these two.

Yellow Arizona Self Portrait

IMG_0635 copy

The mermaid on the west coast of South Africa. Those rocks were murmuring mermaid to me, I had to find a way to do it, there was only myself my tripod and my camera.

the mermaid

It is also how the whole serie of the yellow balloons came about, of which this one is one of my favorite, lightening up the sky in London.

Lightening up the sky Malika Sqalli 2013

Here I went to shoot the moon, and  a quote of Klee came to mind: the moon is the dream of the sun. I was dressed in Yellow, its all I needed, datas put together and I have a picture. I had to put myself in the frame and illustrate that line.
The moon is the dream of the sun" Klee
This is one of m,y favorite photo of 2013, my buddy Derrick Johnson USA Olympic weightlifting National Champion has for nick name the phoenix. Again its all I need to have a vision and bring it to life. It always starts that way!
Malika Sqalli- the Phoenix.05
To show this was a long time practice, this was 5 or 6 years ago – when I saw Marc’s hands and mine, we were all boxing at the time, I had to shoot this.

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