Real or not real

Paradize Valley Morocco

This could be a dude in California, Utah or Colorado, a mate in Oz, or a bro in South Africa, walking his dog in a canyon but it is my friend Mamoun in Morocco with a stray dog that followed us during our 5 h hike.

Reality or fiction with photography isn’t always down to “Photoshop.”

Traditionnaly, photography was always expected to depict ” reality”. Yet is there such thing as reality, for between what the iris of the eye captures, and the time the information is sent to our brain and analyzed through our filters there is certainly a lot that can happen.

Photoshop or retouching carries today such a negative stigma, unless it is ” fantasy style” thanks to the overkill and poorly and overly “photoshopped ” photographs in towday’s media. But is it really the issue? After all it is  merely a tool therefore it is its use and intention behind the artwork that calls for question. Or shall we just see it for what it is and make our own mind, have a critical analytical outlook instead of getting all worked up, or enjoy it for what it is before being too judgemental.

Retouching has existed way prior to photoshop, in the darkroom. Here is an example of Horst’s famous corset before and after.


To come back to my first example, in a context of journalism, the caption and some retouch to remove or add elements is  perhpas the area where it becomes problematic.

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